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Automatically winding, cutting, doffing, and starting new rolls without stopping the range.



Menzel 3-Roll Automatic Winder



In the past, handling finished rolls required several steps and machines and a constant stopping and re-starting of the range. Now, with Menzel's 3-Roll Automatic Winder, production lines can continue to run while finished rolls are being doffed on the fly.

This fully-automated computer-controlled winder can be programmed to wind, cut, doff and start new rolls from 8" to 50" in diameter, at speeds up to 200 yards per minute. It not only takes the guesswork out of the process, but enhances the quality of the finished product while increasing production. And it can be used on a variety of webs.



Standard Features:


Rigid steel construction for 24 hour/day operation.

Pneumatically-actuated serrated knife assembly automatically plunge-cuts web at pre-set yardage.

Core and Mandrel magazine provides automatic core loading.

Control Station with digital counter, multiple readouts and PC controls makes unit "user-friendly".



Optional Features:


Pneumatically-driven circular knives are available for difficult to cut webs.

DC drive system with compensator control for consistent winding tensions.

Operator's platform for web inspection and convenient use of controls.

Slitting attachment which allows slitting into multiple webs just prior to winding.

Edge trimming and removal equipment.

Independently-driven winding arm attachment is available for winding large diameter rolls onto A-frame.

Fourth roll can be adapted for applications with small diameter finished rolls.



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