High Performance Large Roll Winding Systems for Plastic Sheet Extrusion Lines

MENZEL, LP located in Spartanburg, SC specializes in a wide range of high performance large roll winding systems for plastic sheet extrusion lines.

The MENZEL large roll A frame winders offer significant efficiency and quality advantages. An accumulator prior to the winding section allows for safe zero speed roll transfers. The large finished rolls can be removed from the A frame for shipping or the A frames can be easily transported to the thermoforming line. Unique AC Vector drives and PLC based center winding systems include torque curves allowing for large roll winding without telescoping or other quality concerns.

MENZEL large roll winding systems can include slitting and guiding components allowing for simultaneous winding of multiple strands. MENZEL also offers turret winding as well as cantilevered winding options. The MENZEL large roll winding equipment is set up and tested in our plant prior to shipping. Please contact us at (864) 576-5690 to discuss your specific requirements.



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